Kranichfeld – The Two Castles Town

An enchanted place in the neighbourhood of Bad Berka, Erfurt and Weimar

Somewhere in the middle of the river

In former times, castles and fortifications along the Ilm served to protect trade routes. Today they paint the portrait of the town of Kranichfeld in the middle of the Ilm valley in Thuringia. Kranichfeld is a place of longing and puts us in a wonderful mood of peace and serenity.

Castles as landmarks

The historical landmarks of the two-castle town are the mighty upper castle and the romantic lower castle with falconer’s court opposite. Other fortifications against the Slavs in Kranichfeld were the Schleußenburg, the Enzenburg and a complex on the hill now known as the “Neue Mahl”. The series of fortified and protective fortifications continues in Tannroda and Berka along the Ilm.

Culture of dance and roses

Visitor highlights at the castles are the concerts on the open-air stage at Niederburg or the annual medieval spectacle at Oberschloss. But special attention should be paid to the local roses, which residents plant in their front gardens and line the stairways to the castle. The Thuringian Dance and Rose Festival, including the ceremonial crowning of the Rose Queen, is celebrated every two years.

The old Niederburg comes along very young with the Sternenklang Festival. Here there is space for concerts and dance with young, light-hearted music. The festival invites you to linger here, to camp and to experience and enjoy the summer evenings in community.

Museum & Co.

The Baumbachhaus in the middle of town tells the history of the place, shows exhibitions of regional artists, offers museum café and cake and houses the tourist information. It is one of the oldest buildings in the town and the birthplace of the poet Rudolf Baumbach, who wrote the lyrics for the folk song “Hoch auf dem gelben Wagen”. Every year on 1 May, this is the destination of the popular Sternradtour, which leads from various starting points along the Ilmtal cycle path to Kranichfeld.

On some days, a languorous melody resounds from the old remise of the Baumbachhaus. Then tango dance enthusiasts meet here for a milonga into the evening hours.

Guided tours in and around Kranichfeld:

  • Castle tours
  • Guided tour of the Baumbachhaus museum
  • Flight demonstration in the falconry at Niederburg Castle
  • Themed tours of the Thuringian Open-Air Museum in Hohenfelden
  • Guided tours of Tonndorf Castle

In English on request.


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