Apolda – The bell town

in the city triangle with Weimar and Jena

A short journey through time to the beginnings of Apolda

Back to the year 1119, “Apollde”, the original name of Apolda, is mentioned in documents for the first time. Over the centuries, the town developed into a centre of crafts and trade.

Some of the traditional businesses of yesteryear now operate on an international level.

Apolda is the “bell town” because it can look back on a tradition of over 200 years of bell casting. The largest and heaviest free-swinging and ringing bell, weighing 24 tonnes, came from this tradition: the St. Peter’s bell (“Decke Pitter”) of Cologne Cathedral.

Visitors to the GlockenStadtMuseum gain an insight into the cultural history of bells – from the beginnings to the present day – with bells from three millennia.

From „David, the Knitting Man“ to the Apolda European Design Award

Inseparably linked with the history of Apolda is the tradition of the knitting trade – and with it the name “David, the Knitting Man”, who introduced the art of stocking knitting to Apolda in 1593. This developed into an important knitting and hosiery industry that dominated the town until the end of the 1980s.

Today, the Apolda European Design Award and successful fashion companies such as StrickChic and Kaseee are reminders of these glorious times.



The automotive tradition of Apolda – for classic car enthusiats and all other car lovers

Between 1904 and 1928, the Apolda company Ruppe und Sohn (from 1912 “Apollo-Werke AG”) produced cars of the “Piccolo” and “Apollo” brands in various designs. The popularity of these vehicles resulted, among other things, from the relatively low sales price, the good quality and the many successes in racing at home and abroad at that time. As a result of the car-building tradition, the Oldtimer-Schlosstreffen (Oldtimer Castle Meeting) is held every year on the first weekend in June, attracting many classic car enthusiasts from all over Germany to Apolda.

Enjoyment Apolda style in Weimarer Land

There are many opportunities for celebrations in Apolda, and not just for the annual onion market in September. The famous hearty Apoldaer Rostbratwurst (grilled sausage) and the nationally renowned “Apoldaer Bier” (Apolda beer) from the Vereinsbrauerei (association brewery) founded in 1440 contribute to this.

Coming to the dog – the cradle of the “Dobermann”

The world-famous pedigree dog Dobermann, bred by Apolda citizen Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann (1834-1894), also has its cradle in the town. Today, a monument commemorates the beautiful dog breed and its origin in Apolda. The GlockenStadtMuseum tells these and other facts.

Guided tours in Apolda

  •  Guided tours of the town
  • Brewery tour
  • Costume tour
  • Promenade tours (Paulinenpark, Herressener Promenade, Schötener Promenade)
  • Museum tours (GlockenStadtMuseum; Kunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde)
  • open studios (Wednesdays in the Kulturfabrik, on Monument Day in the Eiermannbau

In english on request. 

Events in Apolda

Whether cultural festivals, concerts, theatre, exhibitions or leisure events – you can find an overview of all events and highlights in Apolda and the Weimarer Land region in our events calendar.


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