Naumburg an der Saale – the 1000-year-old cathedral city

In close neighbourhood with Apolda and Bad Sulza

Naumburg an der Saale delights culture lovers

A town like in a fairy tale, where beautiful streets with half-timbered houses and lovingly restored buildings arrange themselves like in a “round dance” around the famous centre, Naumburg Cathedral. Here it is easy to immerse yourself in history and enjoy the flair, friendly people and medieval town. Many of the treasures of the almost 1000-year-old cathedral city of Naumburg are unique and valuable.

Uta – „most beautiful woman of the Middle Ages“

Naumburg Cathedral stands for the beginning of a new era, a new way of building. An unknown master was allowed to make his vision come true and created the 12 donor figures, figures that almost seem alive. Who does not know her, the famous Uta from the world-famous Naumburg Cathedral. As a unique testimony to Gothic art and the “most beautiful woman of the Middle Ages”, the donor figure casts a spell over thousands of visitors every year.
Due to its authenticity, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018.

The „Hildebrandt-Organ“

In the church of St. Wenceslas on the market square, the “Hildebrandt organ” awaits you, which is one of the “top ten” organs in the world. It was personally approved by Johann Sebastian Bach in 1746 and is the largest organ ever examined by the German composer. And of course it is a highlight when music enthusiasts from all over the world come to Naumburg for the International Organ Summer to listen to its sound.

Naumburg’s cultural paths into the recent past

They lead to the “Wilde Zicke”, the smallest tram in Germany. Only historic vehicles are on the 3.3 km long regular service. The oldest railcar is 90 years old, others are representatives of the types of vehicles once manufactured in the GDR.

Within the city 

Museums and modern exhibitions invite visitors to explore and ask questions. Large events, such as the Husseiten Cherry Festival or the many markets (e.g. Spring Festival, Pottery Market to the Wine Festival), enliven the town at any time of the year.

Outside the city walls

There are astonishing sights, for the famous Saale-Unstrut region could hardly be more idyllically situated. Surrounded by imposing vineyards and picturesque meadows stand many a renowned old building. The former Cistercian monastery of Schulpforta has housed a boarding school for hundreds of years, which Friedrich Nietzsche also attended.

And what better way to end an impressive day than with a nice glass of wine? Fortunately, the Saale-Unstrut quality wine-growing region with over 60 grape varieties has the right droplet for every taste.

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