Lower Castle Kranichfeld

The castle with open-air stage for concerts, open-airs and other festivities.

The Niederburg is idyllically situated on a spur above the riverbed of the Ilm on the eastern outskirts of Kranichfeld. It was built around 1147 with an exceptionally large outer castle, a small medieval main castle and several towers as well as large ramparts and ditches.

For young and old there are various events in the romantic ambience of the Planhof and the open-air stage:


  • Concerts, musicals, plays, open-air events
  • Folk festivals
  • dance and rose festival
  • flight demonstrations by the local Falkenhof Schütz

Good to Know

Visitation :

currently only possible from the outside

Rent rooms for private purposes:​

Only via the company 3 x 1 Immobilien from Erfurt:
Tel. No.: 0361/ 347960 or 0361 34796-29

Contact & Approach

Niederburg Kranichfeld
Schloßgasse 18B
99448 Kranichfeld

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