Take a deep breath and let yourself fall … into the lightness of being and the slowness of beauty. An all-round landscape of longing, which always offers new perspectives and dialects. Open-hearted, lively villages with colourful life, lovingly prepared small towns with charm and pop. Every moment you breathe, you encounter complete serenity. Welcome to the Weimarer Land. The irrepressible vital naturalness here is the elixir of life and the attraction that stimulates and unfolds the mind, the imagination and the palate. But above all, it is the balance of harmony and contrasts that turns seemingly hidden places and unexpected encounters into unique momentary treasures.

These are moments full of creative diversity, which surprise and allow us to arrive, which captivate and unleash, which inspire and ground, which fascinate and decelerate. It’s time to experience these moments for yourself, to record them and to take them with you!


My place of strength

to relax my soul



Water, air and love – what more do we need to consciously linger for a moment and be completely mindful of ourselves? It is the wonderful places and energising spots that bring us very close to our innermost longings and origins. In the Weimarer Land region, everyone can find their own personal place of power where they can simply lean back, let their gaze wander, let their thoughts run free and give their soul free rein. The Hohenfelden reservoir with its footbridges and terraces in front of the holiday homes and the “HANSLBAR” is one of these many spots to enjoy.


My place

for inspiration fireworks



A region so full of inspiration that the synapses explode with fireworks? Yes, that is the Weimarer Land! Urban-rural lifestyle paired with cosmopolitan diversity and pulsating creativity give rise to scope for ingenious visions and creations. Goethe, Feininger and Co. already took advantage of this. Even today, international and regional artists meet for inspirational exchange at the Kunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde – just as they do in the studios and cafés in the surrounding villages.

My base

to live for oneself



Being true to oneself and realising oneself, these are the qualities that make Weimar’s country life a source of happiness. Whether artistic, lyrical, artisanal or futuristic, avant-garde and spacey – every colour of unfolding sensuality can be tracked down here, developed further or simply reinvented. There is space, room and possibilities on every corner, but above all neighbours who are themselves crazy in their own way and creatively let their ideas run wild.


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