Sounds of
Weimarer Land

“Musikland Thüringen” – “Weimarer LandKlänge” 2021.
The Weimarer Land offered and still offers living and working places for musicians and sound artists. Stories about instrument making, experimental church music, sound spaces in nature or in the water as well as festivals with a special flair reflect what people experience here. This cultural land refers again and again to Weimar, to Jena, to Naumburg or to Erfurt. The Weimarer Land is the sensually attractive connection in this “city canon” of the extra class.
Our search for sounds in the Weimarer Land has found “ciphers” in rural places dedicated to music and sounds. The proximity to the “Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar”, the “Bauhaus Universität Weimar”, to the concert venues in our numerous churches with famous organs inspires the people


Urban love

at the Kunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde


In the city of Apolda, the small museum island – consisting of Kunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde and GlockenStadtMuseum – has become a magnet for visitors. The renowned Kunsthaus convinces with spectacular, highly acclaimed exhibitions of high-ranking artists*. Have you ever been to a vernissage? Come with us and use the break to get some fresh air and listen to the saxophone tones of the composition “Osmania” by Robert Krainhöfner.

“Streichzug” through the centuries

at the Thüringer Freilichtmuseum Hohenfelden


Young music, played on electric bass, keyboard and cello, resounds between the oldest buildings in Thuringia. Beginning with a cheerful whistle that sounds as if it is echoing in the forest, the village square fills with sounds that are seized by the wind and carried away. They meet wood and stone, penetrate walls and dance a round dance to the stories that centuries-old walls quietly whisper.


on the meadows of Ettersburg Castle

Join us for a summer treat on the meadows of the Pücklerschlag, with a view of Ettersburg Castle. The path leading directly to the castle owes its name to Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. In the middle of the 19th century, he extended the Schlossallee, an aisle of the old Jagdstern, and thus created a view over the countryside. If you now walk along the meadows, a magnificent view opens up back to the castle.

The Secret Mistress

on the Goethe Experience Trail

Love is known to inspire. But we don’t quite trust it when Goethe claims: “… I escaped yesterday, left Weimar on foot at half past five and was here by half past nine …”. After all, the route from Weimar to Großkochberg, on which Goethe often and briskly travelled to visit his dearest friend Charlotte von Stein at her country estate, is 28 km.
Follow the signposting with the “G”, hiking through the Weimarer Land. Near the small village of Neckeroda we meet Falk Zenker, who plays an excerpt from his composition “Die geheime Geliebte” for us.


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