Thuringia Three Towers Trail

25,6 km long, 7 hours – with the best viewpoints in the Weimarer Land

The Thuringian Three Towers Trail was awarded the “Wanderbares Deutschland” quality seal by the German Hiking Association in 2016. On a 26 km route that leads through the protected landscape of the Middle Ilm Valley, it invites you to explore the scenic and cultural diversity of the extensive hiking area in the south of the classical city of Weimar.

The circular hiking trail that connects 

The circular hiking trail connects the Paulin Tower in Bad Berka with the Hainturm in the Belvederer Forst near Weimar and the Carolinenturm on the Kötschberg near Blankenhain. This hiking trail, which combines nature, culture, spirit and Thuringian tradition, offers magnificent views of the surrounding landscape. The view from the Caroline and Pauline towers in particular is magnificent, offering distant views of up to 30 km.

Refreshment stops

Along the trail you can stop at the mill shop in Buchfart, the Müllershausen forest restaurant below the Kötsch and the Paulinenturm restaurant at the foot of the tower. You can tell that it is open here by the hoisted flag on the tower.

While Thuringian hospitality and handicraft tradition are in the foreground in the villages, the larger towns of Bad Berka, Blankenhain or Weimar offer a rich variety of leisure and cultural highlights.


Open on events such as Open Monument Day, Ascension Day or, of course, on request by phone: 03643 497788 or E-mail :

Caroline tower:

April-October: always Sundays 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

The Waldgaststätte Müllershausen takes care of the physical well-being.

Pauline tower:

March-October: Wednesday-Sunday 11:00-18:00 hrs.

November-December: Friday-Sunday 11:00-18:00 hrs