Castle Auerstedt

The address for connisseurs in the historic

Auerstedt, a small village with 434 inhabitants and part of the rural community of Bad Sulza, has become a real treasure over the years. A museum, hotel, holiday flats, conference centre and cosy restaurant are all combined here.

However, Auerstedt already entered world history through King Friedrich-Wilhelm III during the double battle of Jena and Auerstedt in 1806.

According to the local chronicle, the castle was built in 1522 and rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1841. Today, the 1806 memorial commemorates the historic battle. The museum world of Auerstedt is located in the adjacent building.

Enjoyment in an extraordinary ambience

After the excursion into history, a stop at the restaurant & museum café “Reinhardt’s im Schloss” is worthwhile. With its extraordinary ambience and fine cuisine, the castle restaurant is one of the top addresses for gourmets in Weimarer Land. Or set up your “bivouac” in Auerstedt, because you can stay overnight in these historic walls at the Hotel Resort Schloss Auerstedt, in the holiday flats or houses.

Good to Know

Opening hours:

Visits to the Auerstedt Museum World by appointment only.

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Free tour

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