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Wine-growing has a long tradition; in Central Europe, the fermented grape juice is said to date back over 2000 years. However, much has changed in the way the grapes are cultivated and matured. It is therefore all the rarer that a winery feels committed to the bourgeois vineyard tradition of the 18th and 19th centuries. The special thing about this is that the vineyards at Weingut Weimar are planted with mixed grape varieties. This means that several grape varieties are planted in a colourful mix in one vineyard. After being harvested together, the grapes are pressed, fermented and matured together to produce an authentic terroir wine of the highest quality.

The resulting wine, which was christened “Eilfer” by Weingut-Weimar, has the advantage of minimising the different degrees of ripeness and acidity of the grape varieties and the quantitative and qualitative fluctuations of the vintage, thereby ensuring a consistently high wine quality. A further side effect: the wine is thus given a significantly increased complexity and complexity. The family business also cultivates single-varietal Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on weathered shell limestone soils.

Visitors to the winery can lose themselves. Not only in the wine and its own honey, but also in the Weimar Labyrinth, a replica labyrinth from the 10th century. This consists of over 1,000 vines arranged in twelve concentric circles with an axis, forming eleven corridors.

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from May to September

Picnic in the vineyard: € 25 per person
Vineyard and cellar tours: individually planned