Kneipp and drinking cure Bad Berka

The healing water of the Goethe Fountain at the entrance to Bad Berka’s spa gardens unfolds its effects not only during the drinking cure. It also caresses legs and arms in the Kneipp facility opened in 2005 right next to the fountain. Treading water has a refreshing effect during the day and a calming effect in the evening, strengthening the circulation and immune system. A barefoot path with differently structured surfaces also stimulates the circulation and intensifies the effect of treading water.



Kneipp facility Goethebrunnen – Dammbachsgrund – Carl-Alexander-Platz with natural Kneipp basin – Hubertusquelle – Diesterwegquelle – Gottesbrünnlein with Kneipp basin – Rhododendron garden – Herthasee – Bad Berka open-air swimming pool – Goethebrunnen.


Kneipp basin in the Dammbachsgrund

A Kneipp pool is located on Carl-Alexander-Platz, in the middle of the idyllic forest valley of Dammbachsgrund. Opened in 2009, the natural pool offers an ideal way to cool off during a walk, hike, cycling or Nordic walking tour. The Carl Friedrich spring in the immediate vicinity of the Kneipp basin is one of the popular forest springs of the Dammbachsgrund.

Kneipp basin at the Gottes-Brünnlein

A real insider tip is the third Kneipp facility below the Gottesbrünnlein – idyllically located in the forest. After treading water, walking barefoot over spruce cones, through mud and on the natural forest floor is ideal for a strong blood circulation.