Farm store Nr. 5


An old German oven, built from old firebricks, is the centrepiece of the small farm shop no. 5 in Kleinromstedt, the home of Horst-Ingolf Herrnleben. Every fortnight, bread is baked there in the romanticised way of baking – far away from baking, leavening and preserving agents, industrial baking lines and ready-made mixes.

In addition to the freshly baked mixed rye bread (70% wholemeal rye + 30% wheat), varieties with caraway seeds, walnuts, garlic or roasted onions are also produced. The original “soldier’s bread” – Kommisbrot – is also offered here. The loaves are placed so close together in the oven that they form a box-like shape with a crust only on top. In addition to the daily bread, delicious mustards, fruity spreads, jellies, juices, liqueurs and pasta are also made by hand in the production kitchen using all kinds of ingredients such as garlic, wild garlic, porcini mushrooms and herbs, but without eggs.

Parties can also be held in the cosy farm shop. Up to 30 people (or more in the warmer months) can make themselves comfortable in the old four-sided courtyard, bake pizza together and take part in the production and tasting of mustard.

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Opening hours:

Fri: 14:00 – 18:00

or by arrangement

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Bread is produced in the following sizes:
500 g – 2 € / 1kg – 4 €

Baking takes place every fortnight on Friday. You can find out the next baking day in the farm shop here.

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