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It’s all about the sausage. The German poet and publicist Jean Paul once sarcastically wrote, “Sausage is the food of the gods, because only God knows what’s in it.” Seen in this light, Siegfried Hoffmann has divine potential, at least in this respect. His direct marketing of agricultural butcher’s products in the small village of Kiliansroda is all home-grown. From rearing the pigs and cattle, feeding them with farm-grown and harvested fodder, to slaughtering and subsequent processing – the sausage is still made in-house here.

Meat products and home-butchered sausages from beef and pork as well as game from the region and from the farmer are the main components of the extensive range. Around 20 types of pork sausage, around 10 types of beef sausage and a small amount of game are on offer. It is sold in jars (200g /300g), natural casings and artificial casings, in fresh and smoked form. Particularly important for the Thuringian, there are also various specialities for the grill during the barbecue season or on order.

In addition to the opportunity to really find out what’s in the sausage, the direct marketing offers the service of preparing sausage platters and gift baskets all year round to suit any occasion.

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