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Wine is caressed with words, covered with quotes and married to culture. The drink is far more than just an intoxicant or thirst quencher. The different facets of wine are more dependent on its origin than almost any other product. The geographical location, the nature of the soil, the hardness of the water and so on and so forth. In short, every wine has its own story, and so does the wine from Weingarten Stephan Fuchs.

The decision to recultivate the old sites is based on the desire to preserve the old tradition of viticulture in the region. Since 2000, Mr Fuchs has been working the mountain in the traditional way and from an organic perspective. For example, the vine alleys are planted with greenery and organic niches encourage beneficial insects. Mr Fuchs’ aim is to produce high-quality yet affordable wines. When selecting the vines, he makes sure that they are perfectly suited to the given conditions. The Regent, Phoenix and Ehrenfelser varieties are cultivated. These have been producing high-quality wines for years.

Visitors can taste or purchase the wines directly on site. Wine tastings in the small bottle store and vineyard tours in and around Hopfgarten with a short journey into the past are possible in groups of up to 6 people and with advance booking

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Phönix | Ehrenfelser (2018) – 10%Vol
Regent (2018) – 12%Vol
Regent | Rosé (2018) – 11%Vol
Trester brandy (2018) – 40%Vol