Laura-Cycle Route

47 km long – The connection between Weimar and Sömmerda 

Here you can cycle along the route of the former Laura narrow-gauge railway, which was closed down in 1946. The name “Laura” came about because passengers often had to wait for the trains. The Laura locomotive symbol marks the course of the Laura route on the main signposts.

A route that connects 

The cycle path leads along less frequented country roads and rural paths via:

  • Weimar Schöndorf
  • Wohlsborn
  • Sachsenhausen
  • Leutenthal
  • Daasdorf
  • Buttelstedt
  • Schwerstedt
  • Neumark
  • Vippachedelhausen
  • Markvippach
  • Dielsdorf
  • Schloßvippach ­
  • Großrudestedt
  • Alperstedt
  • Schallenburg

With a length of 47 km, it is the connecting section between the Ilmtal Cycle Path from Weimar and the Unstrut Cycle Path in Schallenburg near Sömmerda.

Numerous rest areas and sights to linger over 

The “Mechanika da Vinci” model exhibition in Leuthenthal is definitely worth a stop. The laws of physics can be explored here in a playful way – fun, and not just for children.

In Vippachedelhausen, the “tirica” adventure world invites you to take a break: Here, the often strange animals of the zoo can be observed. Petting is allowed. There is playground equipment for children in the grounds. A kiosk is available for provisions, but you can also bring your own picnic. The path through the moorland of the Alperstedter Ried is suitable for exciting nature observations. With a bit of luck, you may also spot the four-legged landscape keepers – Exmoor ponies, water buffalo and red cattle. Keep your eyes open!

Short detours: From the Laura cycle path you can take short detours to Heichelheim to the Heichelheimer Kloßwelt (dumpling world), to the Ordensburg Liebstedt or – if you need to cool down – to Ottmanshausen to the open-air swimming pool. Fishing with a licence is permitted at the Heichelheim, Großbrembach and Berlstedt reservoirs.

Kleiner Tipp: Wie man in Weimar vom Ilmtal-Radweg zum Laura-Radweg gelangt

Leave Ilm-Park and cross the Kegelbrücke bridge, then turn right into Gerberstraße and up over the moat into Karl-Liebknecht-Straße. Turn right here and continue past the Neues Museum into Carl-August-Allee, which ends directly at the main railway station.

At the station, turn left through the tunnel to Industriestraße, then continue uphill on Nordstraße and parallel to the B 85 via Ernst-Busse-Straße in Schöndorf to the pedestrian crossing. Past the playground, take the first entrance on the right into the residential area, cross it to the traffic light crossing of the B 85 and then continue along the main road through Altschöndorf to Wohlsborn in Weimarer Land.