Caroline Tower Kiliansroda

A tower in honor of Grand Duchess Caroline of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach

The Kiliansroda Caroline Tower, one of the most popular excursion and hiking destinations in the Weimarer Land, stands on the Kötschberg (497 m above sea level), which is located about 4 km north of the town of Blankenhain. It was built in 1909 in honor of the early deceased Grand Duchess Caroline of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach (1884-1905) from Mechelroda limestone. To climb the 26-meter-high tower, one must conquer 106 steps. But then the industrious hiker is offered a magnificent view – on a clear day up to 80 km.

A particularly beautiful hiking trail

The hiking trail from Blankenhain to the Carolin tower is marked with a yellow and white marker. From the market square, the approx. 4.5 km long path runs along fields and an orchard. Then the path leads uphill through coniferous forest to the top of the 497 m high Kötsch.

After climbing the tower (only possible on Sundays) you can see the villages of Kiliansroda, Mechelroda and Linda to the north. Further down the Ilm valley you can see the village of Mellingen, the classical city of Weimar at the foot of the Ettersberg and the Buchenwald memorial, erected in 1950.

Good views – from Kyffhäuser to Schneekopf

With good visibility, you can see Hainleite and Finne, in between the Kyffhäuser with Barbarossa monument and the Brocken (1142 m above sea level), the highest mountain in the Harz. Luxurious eyes recognize the towers of the Eckartsburg (Eckartsberga). To the east, Fuchsturm, Jenzig and Lobdeburg near Jena as well as Kahlaer Leuchtenburg become visible in the mountains of the Saale Valley. To the southwest are Schneekopf (978 meters above sea level) and Großer Beerberg (982 meters above sea level) near Oberhof – the picturesque mountains of the Thuringian Forest.

Children can let off steam in the meantime at the nature playground. In addition, large meadows invite you to play and romp around, as well as many benches and seating areas to rest. An adventure trail around the Carolinenturm provides information about nature and history of the area for young and old.

Traditions lived

The Kötschberggemeinde e. V., which is in charge of the excursion destination, invites people to the mountain every year at the time of the summer solstice to welcome the summer with Kötschberglauf and a bonfire. The Christmas run, which takes place every year on Boxing Day, is also part of the tradition.

For the hungry, the Müllershausen forest restaurant can be found at the foot of the Kötsch. In the summer months you can enjoy your cool drink in the beer garden.

Good to know

Opening hours:

April till October

Sun. u. Holiday: 13:00 -18:00 h

Worth knowing:

The events of the Kötschberggemeinde e. V. around the tower can be found here.

Contact & Directions

The Caroline Tower on the Kötsch:
Thüringenweg, 99441 Kiliansroda

Address of the association:
Kötschberggemeinde e. V.
Am Markt 9, 99438 Bad Berka
Tel.: +49 (0)172 3480114

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